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About Us

About Us— Vrusconi Athletic: Engineered Designed Women's Clothes

Perfect Fit Naked Sensation Leggings!

‘Staying ahead of style guides.’

Started with the dream of creating a difference in the stagnant world, Vrusconi Athletic is your gear to break your sweat for the ideal figure. Founded in Miami, FL USA, 2018, we have created a brand to offer freedom of clothing to our clients. We believe in bending the barriers, in trying out new trends, and to take the fashion industry to a whole new level with trendy and stylish sportswear and activewear.

Our Mission:

Vrusconi Athletic has been established to offer a variety of activewear, including leggings, activewear and sportswear for your daily gym routine or any casual activity. We aim to take the regular sportswear and athletic-gear to the next level by introducing trendy, eco-friendly, and chic sportswear at a highly reasonable price to deliver ultimate freedom and customer delight.

Our Vision

Vrusconi is not an overnight dream— it’s a unique idea and great passion of Marlo Felipe and his better-half. Vrusconi Athletic is a growing sportswear other activewear designer brand. Our first design was developed with the sole purpose of designing something extraordinary to go with every occasion. At Vrusconi Athletic, our vision is to transform the entire concept regarding sportswear by introducing a sportswear range that you can wear anywhere.

Our Products:

Designed with passion, love, and gusto, Vrusconi Athletic offers a wide variety of sportswear to reflect your fashion aesthetics. Whether you are in intense HIIT classes, or just like athleisure aesthetic, it’s time to take a pick of trainers, gym clothes, and more with our edit of trendy activewear. As the co-founder of Vrusconi is a Cuban Italian, you will find a significant reflection of Italian designing in our products. So, if you like Italian clothing, then you are going to love Vrusconi. But apart from Italian cuts, we offer various other trendy styles as well. From gym leggings to tops, our products are designed to be wear in a gym and a party alike. Add a splash of color to your activewear with bold and printed designs!

 So no matter where you are heading, you can always rely on Vrusconi Activewear to be the shining star in a crowd!

Why Choose Vrusconi Athletic?

Living in a world with so much pollution and toxic waste, Vrusconi Athletic has been established with the intention of offering environmentally friendly products. Some of the core competencies that distinguish us from the crowd are:

  • We offer the widest variety of activewear, including tank tops, leggings, and many more.
  • All of our products are entirely eco-friendly and thus let you play your part in saving the environment.
  • An extremely trendy variety that can be worn anywhere from the gym to a party.
  • We offer you the freedom to choose your style with top-notch designs and trendy looks.
  • Vrusconi never compromises on quality, and at Vrusconi Athletic, you find nothing but the best products.
  • We design each product with love and affection to deliver value for your money.

So, wait no more, order your favorite Vrusconi Athletic product today, and stand out among the crowd.